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I've been acting in film for years. Projects I've acted in have screened at Cannes, have won at White Sands, Redstone, Indiefest, New Hampshire Film Festival, Ivy Film Festival and others, and have premiered in multiple continents. These include the feature Fury: Tales of Ronan Pierce, award winning short films Mosden, Single Loaded CylinderNineteen and Not All Who Wander, and acclaimed miniseries The Circle, which premiered to sold out audiences in 2010.


I'm represented by Andrew Wilson at AWA - check out my page there, and my IMBD.



VLOG, 2012

Four Frogs Productions' entry in the 2012 Providence 48 Hour Film Project, which won runner up best film; with the brilliant David Carpenter.

The Giver of Fruit, 2012

A 2012 thesis project for Antonio Fernandez at MassArt. 

Single Loaded Cylinder, 2011

A 2011 thesis project for Shawn Gauvain at Fitchburg State University, all shot on film. Official selection at the White Sands International Film Festival in 2012.

Private Inferno, 2011

Another film-shot project, this one by my good friend Sam Eilertsen down in Providence.

Not All Who Wander, 2009

The Governors of Rhode Island's entry in the 2009 Providence 48 Hour Film Project. Received three awards (best use of genre, best costumes, best special effects).

Corridors, 2008

Corridors was the thesis project of my good friend Dan Byers (of Skyship Films) in 2008.


Nineteen, 2007

Daniel Byers' entry into the 2007 Ivy Film Festival 48 hour competition, and recipient of the Grand Prize.

The Middle Darkness, 2013-14

My own personal project - This web series follows an agent in a fantastical 18th century crossing over into the New World.

Fury: Tales of Ronan Pierce, 2014

I play the antagonist in the gritty and brutal comic book noir style feature coming out in 2014. Can't wait! Check out the website.

The Observer, 2014

A beautiful, touching film by Jim DanDee, starring Audrey Johnson and me. All improvised, all workshopped. A pleasure to help create.

The Art of Being Hurt, 2014

Xavery Robin tells a story of the hardships and rewards of a relationship, using cutlery and no words. By far the most intense crying scene I've ever had so far :)

Mosden, 2014

Curtis James Salt's epic fantasy journey - creation myth, parable, exploration of consciousness, and epic. Who's that green guy?

La Petite Mort, 2012

A dark comedy about desperation and laziness by Diane Choi.

Worcester Revolution 1774, 2014

A promo piece for Worcester Historical Society's historic celebration. Check out my blacksmith skills.

Sain't Anthony, 2014

A comedy about losing things, by my wonderful friend Alexander Gauthier. Worth it for the facial expressions alone.

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